Tooth Pain Relief

Root canal treatment

Tooth Pain Relief

There are various factors that can cause injury to the pulp(nerves inside the tooth) factors as follow

  • Decay or cavity
  • Trauma or fracture
  • Attrition or wearing of teeth due to aging
  • Through infection from Gums

WHAT IS RCT (Root Canal Treatment) ?

It is normally done when the nerve of the tooth is dead and/or infected. This normally happens because decay gets into the inside of the tooth. It can also happen when a tooth dies because of very large or deep filling, or if a tooth suffers trauma. Infected teeth cause very painful dental abscesses if not treated.  RCT is a procedure in which Carious or injured tooth is treated by creation of an access cavity into the tooth  by dental bur  followed by  cleaning , disinfecting and filling of the root canals.  BY RCT, we can save your NATURAL tooth. The alternative to RCT is usually the extraction of the tooth.

What Are the Advantages of a MICROSCOPE ?

The benefits of root canal procedures completed with a microscope include:

  • Magnified Image
  • Increased Precision
  • Minimum cavity preparation
  • Improved Illumination
  • Improved Visualization

With the use of microscope dentist can visualize interior of the tooth in detail and eliminating errors during the treatment.


Tooth Pain Relief


Tooth Pain Relief